Pubic Speaking

Whether we like it or not if there is disharmony in our homes it spills into our careers or workplace

A common source of tension in one form or another is our teens. It is my passion to bridge the gap and share information that can turn upset to understanding; annoyance to acceptance.

I use engaging stories from my work and home life based on personal experiences and antidotes to illustrate my message.

Humour is high on my list of coping strategies

I regularly present at Professional Day Events, Parent Advisory Meetings, and church groups.

You’ll find my information is relevant if you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, or teaching support staff, working with teens. Topics vary and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your group.

Some popular topics are:

  • Navigating the Teen Years
  • Parenting your Teen to Independence
  • Connecting with your Teen
  • Seven Ways to Powerfully Parent your Teen
  • Raising a Teen in Training
  • Raging Hormones Collide; Parenting your Teen Daughter

The adolescent stage can be bewildering to parents.

Be prepared to gain insight on how to move forward and better understand the dynamics of parent and teen relationships