Parent Workshops

Does this resonate with you?

  • You strive to be an involved, hands on parent
  • You want to have a positive effect on your teen
  • You sometimes wonder what normal behaviour is and what isn’t
  • Being current on information is important to you
  • Being in the company of like minded people gives you new perspectives
  • You wonder if you are on the right track

These are all normal feelings as our teens grow and develop into their own unique person

I have created these workshops to help parents discover what is important to know and how to best support our teen or preteen. From a relationship approach I teach communication and rapport strategies that help you be connected.

Once the door is opened it is far easier to manage the challenges that come with this age group

Trust me there will be challenges. It never ceases to amaze me when parents share how their sweet, obedient, happy child has morphed into some foreign alien. It happens!

Workshops are typically 3 sessions in length covering respect, listening and understanding and much more. Sharing stories and scenarios is a further benefit to this group work.

If this interests you individually or as a group, contact me

Karen McGregor said...

Karen McGregor

As a single mom, I have often felt I wanted to be a great parent but didn’t have the tools to make that dream a reality

Since working with Susi and taking her program I have grown more peaceful and confident in developing a strong, loving relationship with my teenage sons. We are growing together, learning what it means to communicate and connect as a family.

Karen McGregor
Rock the Stage

Ranuka Lencucha said...

Renuka Kamur

Our daughter was lost in a school system that could not meet her needs

She was angry, discouraged and sad. She worried about her future and so did we. It was a horrible feeling of helplessness and despair to see her struggle.

She started working with Susi and soon began to know her strengths, could work through her challenges and focus on her goals. Susi helped us find a suitable school.

Today our daughter is a role model for other students and a valedictorian

She never gives up. We are proud of our daughter who has grown into a confident and determined young woman, her future is bright.

We have been blessed by Susi’s work and are very grateful to know her, a true advocate for youth

Ramona Lencucha

Meghan Carich said...


I attended Susi’s workshop “Loving Your Teen?????” which included 3 jam packed, inspirational and informative sessions

Susi’s experience and knowledge base was inclusive of all parents of both older and younger teens. The atmosphere was comfortable and safe for sharing.

Meghan Carich
Artist / Educator