I have had students say in amazement “Susi you really love Math!” Yes, yes I do, and… what I really love is sharing that love in a way that brings understanding and mastery to my students.

I tell them that “Math is a muscle that needs to work out and stretch itself. I am your trainer.”


I often hear “I was terrible at Math when I went to school and so is my daughter/son. They come by it honestly.” Or, “I don’t understand this new Math!”

Yes, Math instruction has evolved and yes, you may not have aced Math when you were young.

The good news is… I love Math and I enjoy seeing my students faces light up as they “get it”

It has been my absolute pleasure to have crafted my skill over the last 20 years. Numbers and concepts are part of this process but I deliver the added bonus of special trainings and life coaching.

How we feel about ourselves and our achievements is huge as we learn and grow. This feeling can’t help but permeate into other areas of life. I have helped hundreds of students grow and morph into ‘math-e-magicians.’

I make it a priority to establish relationship with my students and to have fun as well.

Brain research tells us that the brain learns best through humour, optimism, energy, movement, stories and more

I love that challenge.

My claim to fame:
  • Certified Orton Gillingham Tutor
  • 19 years working in high schools as an education assistant
  • Over 20 years as a private tutor
  • Speaker – how to create weird and wonderful games and stories to supplement mathematical concepts
Math tutoring is face to face. Call me if you live in the South Surrey area.