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Susi has a wonderful way with teens. She helps them believe in themselves and unearth their own special magic…
Violette Clark
…We are 5 years down the road and happily, the relationship with our amazing 18 year old really couldn’t be better!
Owen Barclay
We have been blessed by Susi’s work and are very grateful to know her, a true advocate for youth…
Ramona Lenchuca
Susi is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion and compassion is so evident in the coaching she does…
Karen McGregor
I learned that I did not have to control everything, just myself and I had a choice on how to react to things…
Samara Davis (teen)


“I believe parents and teens want the same thing; to be heard and understood. What we lack is a common language.”

I know that can be an understatement when talks get heated. Under stress we often resort to behaviours that slam the door to having any kind of meaningful conversation.

“These might include sarcasm, belittling, lecturing, hearing (but not listening!) judging or resorting to how our own parents parented (Did I just sound like my mother?). I could go on hear but I am guessing you may have used one of these (I know I have!).

  • Tired of verbal battles?
  • Feeling unappreciated?
  • Are eye rolling or the silent treatment common place?
  • Frustrated? Worried? Feeling helpless?
  • Want some help?

Connect with me to gain some new perspective and some tips to move to a more peaceful home life.