Brylee Zanatta said...


Susi has such a unique spark that inspires others. I was introduced to Susi as my math tutor when I was sixteen. In between math problems Susi earned my respect and trust with her patience and creativity to approaching life.

At sixteen I struggled like most teenagers to find an adult that I could relate to. Susi touched that part of me in such a way that made opening up to her feel like the most natural thing.

She has been the nurturer of my soul and the caretaker of my dreams. Never letting me lose touch of myself; or the important things along the way.

Brylee Zanatta

Violette Clark said...


Working with Susi teaching teens art journaling for self-esteem really put me in touch with her magic. Susi has a wonderful way with teens. She helps them believe in themselves and unearth their own special magic.

Using her intuition and creativity she helps teens sparkle and shine.

Violette Clarke

Ramona Lencucha said...


Our daughter was lost in a school system that could not meet her needs. She was angry, discouraged and sad. She worried about her future and so did we.

It was a horrible feeling of helplessness and despair to see her struggle. She started working with Susi and soon began to know her strengths, could work through her challenges and focus on her goals. Susi helped us find a suitable school.

Today our daughter is a role model for other students and a valedictorian. She never gives up. We are proud of our daughter who has grown into a confident and determined young woman, her future is bright.

We have been blessed by Susi’s work and are very grateful to know her, a true advocate for youth.

Ramona Lencucha

Guy and Robin E. said...

Robyn Eriksen
When our daughter was In Grade 8 she was failing in Math. After the first term her average was 28%. Friends recommended Susi to us and we approached her to tutor our child. The results were almost immediate. Her style and approach suited our daughter and she easily passed Grade 8 Math. The relationship endured right through to Grade 12.

The experience was very positive, so much so, Susi now tutors our youngest child who is in Grade 9. Thanks to Susi she is doing well.

We highly recommend Susi as a Math tutor. She is very personable and a great mentor as well.

Guy and Robin E.

Samara Davis said...


I started to see Susi because of stress at school.

My greatest insight was definitely learning to just calm down and let things happen the way they do because things we think are a big deal in the moment often turn out not be as big.

I learned that I did not have to control everything, just myself and I had a choice on how to react to things. I really liked the journaling where at the end of the day I wrote down my accomplishments (even the small ones) to look back on.

I liked learning about EFT tapping to help my stress and the art journaling (which was really fun, relaxing and therapeutic) !!!!!

Samara Davis

Owen Barclay said...

Owen Barclay

I am so grateful for Susi. After our son passed away, I was devastated that my relationship with our only other child became difficult. But it was! At the time, Susi and I networked together and I was drawn in by her ever-present smile, youthful exuberance, and passion for having fun.

Susi coached us and helped us to understand why we were struggling with our relationship and suggested techniques to bridge the gap. We are 5 years down the road and happily, the relationship with our amazing 18 year old really couldn’t be better!

Thank you Susi for your amazing gifts!

Owen Barclay
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Ranuka Kamur said...

Renuka Kamur

Wonderful workshop! Great sessions full of encouraging tips and practical exercises to grow as a parent! Thank you!

Ranuka Kamur

Karen McGregor said...

Karen McGregor

Susi is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion and compassion is so evident in the coaching she does.

As a single mom, I have often felt I wanted to be a great parent but didn’t have the tools to make that dream a reality.

Since working with Susi and taking her program I have grown more peaceful and confident in developing a strong, loving relationship with my teenage sons. We are growing together, learning what it means to communicate and connect as a family.

Karen McGregor
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