Susi Vasseur

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My Story

We don’t necessarily choose what we do in life, sometimes it chooses us.

My story began while I was working with one young student, an eleven year old girl, and I was to be her Tutor. I watched her in the first few years grow and thrive; then painfully witnessed her downward out of control spiral as she became involved in drugs, alcohol, fighting, skipping school, and the works.

When our tutoring sessions stopped being about learning, and more about how she was going to get through the day and the next day after, I knew that as an adult in her life who she trusted, I needed to support her in a different way. It was through this experience and the agonizing weeks and months that followed that my desire to not only help her, but other girls like her, came to light.

Another parent came to me and said, "have you thought about taking a Coaching course and implementing that into your work?"…..

It was this girls journey, along with other teens in my life and my inherent desire to be there for them that it became evident this was the direction I was to move in; the calling for my lifework.

My vision is to not only help the teens themselves in my coaching work, it is to work alongside the parents as they learn new skills to support and guide their teen through this journey.

My learning is ongoing; I’ve never looked back.

My mission is for teens to discover who they really are, their natural strengths and weaknesses, and their unique gifts. I support them as they overcome their inner critic, self-limiting beliefs and anxieties while stepping into who they really are.

This work results in increased confidence and independence and an overall belief in themselves.