School is in!

Loving School?

As I watch the leaves start to turn color I realize two things: the glorious summer is almost at end and school is back in for a new year. I have a love hate relationship with this time of the year.  I want to be outside, free to play, garden and have fun…and I resist structure and conformity.  OK back to being an adult and realizing that there are some things I can’t have.

Some of our kids may feel the same; after all we were all kids once too! Having had 2 children and worked in schools for almost 20 years, it is usually the parents that are more excited for back to school than the children.

There are students who wait eagerly for the doors of learning to open, to reconnect with friends, to fill their days with thought provoking new ideas and activities. Wouldn’t it be great if it was that way for all?


Here are some of the things I have noticed:

  • Some children develop stomach aches, headaches an other ailments that aren’t noticeable during holiday times
  • Some forget to hand in work and claim they don’t have homework when they do
  • Some can’t sit still and get in trouble often for calling out, disrupting the class and leaving their desks
  • Some are moody, emotional or angry

You as the parent are the expert of your child.  Notice any extreme changes in behaviour and take some action. Open dialogues that do not involve lecturing, nagging, or criticizing may elicit valuable information. Stay well connected with the teacher who will also have their own perspective.

If you have concerns areas you can consider are:

  • Diet – a nutritionist or naturopath  can help you find offending foods that may cause sensitivities
  • Learning challenges – testing may reveal gaps or problematic areas of learning that require special attention
  • Emotional issues – statistics show 1-5 children in Canada suffer from a mental issue such as anxiety or depression; bullying is a national concern as well.

Be your child’s support vehicle. Most obstacles can be overcome or controlled to make the school experience a happier one.  Let your child know you love them exactly the way they are.

 Let the school year begin!