Teens can run the gamut of lively and talkative to sullen and unresponsive

The problem is this can happen within a short period of time. Frustrating? Oh yeah!!!!

The challenge… you are the parent – older, wiser, more experienced, more savvy ( I could go on…). Bottom line and it can be a thin line, it is up to you to keep lines open.

Up to the Challenge?

Here are some ways to regain Connection

  • Walk the family pet together
  • Maintain rules around being together at meals
  • Share recreational joys (hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, etc)
  • Exploring joint interests
  • Volunteer together
  • Plan holidays or activities together
  • Coffee/ sushi/ lunch dates (teens usually love to eat!)
  • Choose subjects that are neutral (not school, friends, problems. Unless…they bring it up)
  • Focus on having fun!

Being in rapport with your teen is the best way to keep the dialogue going. Work it!