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Got Teens?

Parenting a teen? Wondering if there is a better way?

Are you:       
• Frustrated with behaviours?     
• Tired of yelling and nagging?
• Worried about your teen’s future?
• Craving peace at home?
• Wondering if other families are going through the same?

Navigating the Teen Years Workshop

• Designed to address the special needs of parents with teens
• Discover how shifting our parenting can influence teens positively
• Using your inner wisdom to move forward as your child’s expert

Join other like-minded proactive parents to discover:
• New ways to connect with your teen
• How to feel empowered as you elevate your parenting skills
• How to enjoy those important formative  years
• The benefits of sharing ideas and solutions with others

When:  Monday evenings, May 28, June 4th and 11th; 7:30 – 9 pm
Where:   South Surrey location
How much:  $195 single or $225 per couple

Are you ready to commit to positive parenting?  Having a healthy respectful relationship with your teen will have a multitude of benefits.  Teens need and want a solid base and a welcoming place to land.  Give them the skills they need as they watch you handle situations calmly, with respect and genuine interest.

Invest in your teen’s future by joining us.

Love to hear from you! Leave a message on Contact Me page and we can connect.

Past Events

Dream Art Journaling for Teens

What is your Dream? How do you express your uniqueness?

Today’s teen girls are bombarded with messages from the media, magazines, ads, music and more that objectify women and paint them as having to be ‘thin, beautiful, sexy and smart'.

Through art journaling, girls are able to explore their strengths and special gifts in a creative, positive manner. Believing in and loving oneself are the central themes in building self worth and self acceptance.

Dream Journaling is incorporated into individual coaching sessions and offered as workshops to preteens, teens, and Mother and Daughter.

Contact me if you have a request for a group. White Rock artist, Violette Clark of Purple Juice joins me in facilitating these groups.

Comments from workshop participants

"I really enjoyed the new skills I’ve learned and extremely happy that I did it." ...Thereysa

"Everything was super cool!" ...Alexis

"It was fun getting to meet new people." ...Kayla