New Year! New Parenting Opportunities!

January rolls around yet again! As creatures of habit and following all the resolution hype, we start to count calories, to visit the gym, to lay off the cocktails and wine, to step into our new, improved, updated and spiritually awakened self……..and as parents, we resolve to…… OMG where do I start?

As we tuck away the Christmas decorations, find a new spot for all the goodies Santa brought us and head back to our routine, it’s not a bad time to reflect and make a few adjustments to our parenting habits.  What worked well with our children? What bombed completely? How is the climate in our home these days? Loving and peaceful or strained and hostile?

I always find January a tad depressing after all the festivities and our children probably are feeling it too.  Back to school, getting up early, and not being able to have loads of free time is not a fun change.

I say keep the parenting resolutions simple. Here are a few that are easy, inexpensive and don’t take a lot of time. Practice one or two every day and be gentle on yourself if you blow it.

  1. Laugh more! It’s infectious.
  2. Hug as often as they allow. Increases warm and fuzzies.
  3. Take 3 big breaths before responding to any tense situation. Saves a lot of apologizing later.
  4. Spend time together that doesn’t involve screens. Conversations are  healthy.
  5. Eat meals together.  Great time to catch up on day.
  6. Listen intently to their words without saying much. They are learning to form opinions.
  7. Laugh more! (Oh, I already said that!)  Humour in dealing with life is so much more enjoyable than losing it. See # 3.
  8. Got preteens and teens? Breathe, laugh, listen, hug and if all else fails, picture them as their toddler self and remember this stage too will pass!

Wishing you a great year ahead in life, health and that all important relationship of parenting