Why choose me?

Why we do anything in life usually has a story. Mine seems more like a small series of short stories that led up to a cliff hanger around 2005.

I have always been attracted to youth; it’s something about their aliveness, their sense of fun and energy. Even as a teenager and working in aquatics and recreation I gravitated towards this group. At that time maybe it just reminded me of my own teenage years- a time of having fun at all costs and letting that inner rebel explore.

Almost 20 years working with students in regular high school and later alternate school settings taught me so much of the desperate need of teens to establish independence and identity

Definitely not an easy task, especially for those that walk their own unique path.

Life gifted me with 2 teens of my own, a boy and a girl which gave me my hands on training. Training that came with trial and error and sometimes hopes and a prayer. Like snowflakes, no two adolescents are alike, and as parents, we dive in and do the best we can.

Were there any tense moments? YES! Staying the course, supporting, guiding, loving them no matter what and having a sense of fun carried us to the other side.

I can say now with joy and gratitude that my children are exploring their own worlds with confidence and strong values while maintaining connection to their roots.

The cliff hanger?

The character in that story was a young girl I tutored for many years who I was very attached to. Adolescence was not a smooth journey for her and one crisis followed another much to her parents and my dismay. Events took a bad turn at the end of her Grade 9 year when at one of our sessions she broke down and threatened to end her life. I knew that as an adult in her life who she trusted and confided in I needed to take action…..and I did.

Many great things happened as a result of that defining moment. I embarked on my first training as a Family Coach and Nicole found the educational forum she needed to survive and then thrive.

This amazing young woman is still in my life today and working to help other young people who need help

My passion to support teens and the adults who support them has led down many interesting roads and continues to energize me to the core. Trainings in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Art Journaling has added to my toolbox of things I can share to open the dialogue.

Why choose me? Why not! I am ready to listen.