I can’t control  my teen!

You’re right. You can’t control your teen.

And …..the sooner this hard lesson is learned the more control you will have. Let me share a story.

A short time ago I ran into a woman I know at the local grocery store. After pleasantries she asked about my business. I shared my excitement about a recent speaking engagement at a local high school and my upcoming workshop.

Then it came… “Where were you when my kids were teens?” I smiled… you see I hear this at least once a week.

I reminded her of the first time I had met her husband and the conversation we had about collecting their teen daughter from a beach party. Oddly that story always reminds me of beach parties when I was young… however back then parents rarely came around to collect their wayward teens (life before cell phones if that brings back memories for you).

What came next shocked me

This woman burst into tears as memories of arguments, continual groundings and punishments flooded to the surface.

“I tried so hard to control my daughter and make her do what I thought was right! The more I tried to control her actions the harder she fought. Look at me! This happened 20 years ago….and she still refuses to talk to me about it!” Yikes.

Times have changed but teen relationships with parents continue to be stressful. Don’t follow in this woman’s agonizing footsteps. Communication and connection is vital in the adolescent years and sets the groundwork for a lifelong relationship.

“Where were you when my child was a teen?” I am here and so are other trained coaches. All you have to do is ask for help. It’s not about being a bad parent… it’s about navigating a journey with your teen with compassion, understanding and knowledge.

Trust me, it’s worth the peace of mind. Call me!