High School Done….Wahoo!

The summer is here and I want to send out a special note to the wonderful young people I have had the pleasure of working with this year (you know who you are ♥) as well as all the other Grads.  I will miss the hours we spent together making sense of Math problems as well as Life challenges.

As a student you have been planning for this day for the last five years, maybe more: the bottom line you are moving on!  As you look back at the pictures with your friends and family take a few minutes to appreciate yourself for this accomplishment.  Think about all the hours, the challenges, the victories, the learning, the friendships forged…..that is a lot to consider.

Along with your accomplishments, recognize the road bumps along the way as well.  Things that didn’t go as planned or ended in temporary disaster……they are all part of where you are today and who you have become; a perfectly imperfect human being who makes mistakes once in a while.

What is your next step? College? University? Work? or maybe some time away travelling? What ever it is approach life with excitement and awe.  Be an explorer and adventurer as you carry on in this journey of life.

As you start to take more charge of your life remember that you have choices in almost everything you do.  Stay true to yourself as well as this great planet you are a member of.

Take Care…….and stay in touch!