Back to School- Happy or Stressful?

Going back to school for your child can be pleasurable and fun!

For some students though, going back to school produces anxiety as they think about the bullies, the challenges, the stresses of academia, and the fear of the unknown.

Every parent wants their child to be successful and happy as they look towards their future.  The reality is school is not always a fun, achievement oriented place for all.

Perhaps your teen struggles with self image, low self esteem, bullies, or few friends. These situations and more can interfere with academic learning in a big way.

Getting back to school means school supplies, clothes, shoes, electronic updates; have you thought about how you can prepare for a successful year beyond those purchases?

This may sound like a scary email to some of you, happy making for others.  We are now past the halfway mark and it is less than a month to school.  I hope you have had time to rest and relax a bit in the beautiful sunny weather

As part of ‘back to school’ planning does your child need some help with confidence, building self worth or learning to like themselves exactly the way they are?

At Hearts Opening Wide we specialize in supporting your child in transitioning through school in a positive successful way. From our top notch tutoring to our one on one inspirational coaching, we support your student to be a successful student.

Call me today to book an appointment to see if we can support your student.